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r-a-(double)-d times a million

crying wolf times a million

Posted by jen on November 17, 2013

just once I’d like to see microsoft issue an update labeled “its a good idea, but not that big a deal, get around to it when you can.” also, excel for mac is a cruel joke to mankind.

critical microsoft

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tragic ending

Posted by jen on November 13, 2013

do any of you watch “the pioneer woman”? her “name” bugs the sh*t out of me and as such swore I’d never tune in but recently had this extreme autonomous sensory meridian response while walking past the TV. I caught her talking softly and brushing a glaze on a ham ever so gently. I was mesmerized, frozen for a good 30 seconds, finally snapped out of it.

anyways. I’m no longer enamored. check out what I caught her doing the other day:

W. T. F.

W. T. F.

UGG!! cutting skirt steak with the grain?? what, because she’s a “pioneer” has never actually watched a cooking show? or read a credible cookbook? also, she lives on a goddamn ranch with a crap ton of cows!

so I get that I’m nuts. and a teensy bit of a snob when it comes to rollin’ all culinary. but listen, y’all, there are two things to remember:

1) after cooking you tent with foil and let the meat rest
2) if faced with the option – cut against the freaking grain

I’m so bummed. also, said pioneer home-schools her kids. I hope they’re learning, I dunno, how to read.

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remember when this happened yesterday?

Posted by jen on November 7, 2013



if you’d like me to talk your ear off about it, just contact me and it’s no problem. really.

p.s. go ducks.

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earthquake preparedness

Posted by jen on October 31, 2013

as a sustaining member of KQED (obves) I received an emergency kit the other day along with one of those crank radios to charge your cell phone. I’ve decided to use the backpack as a “festival bag” (I mean – it says Emergency Essentials on it… perfect vessel for tofurky sandwiches and a fine chardonnay on tap).

anywho, I just purchased a replacement backpack (next I need to purchase replacement bottled waters as I drank all of them last saturday) and what did I go with?


bring it, end of the world!

bring it, end of the world!

and I can’t stop giggling.

be safe you guys!


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hashtag yawn.

Posted by jen on October 30, 2013

UGG. did anyone else catch those peeps that wrote the new Lance Armstrong book on Fresh Air last week? and did you know there’s some movie coming out about the whole scandal as well? (trailer is here.)

the interview was interesting enough and well worth a listen but… come on, tell me something I didn’t know.

it’s like when the news broke our good man Arnold Schwarzenegger was having an affair. didn’t we all know that already? I mean, geez, every time I looked at that guy I thought “I wonder how old his illegitimate child is?” (no, for reals, I actually wondered.)

please report to the following (short) clip from Intervention:

how could you not watch that episode and realize a) Mister Lance is a world-class-d-bag and b) he’s probably doping and super fired up he’s getting away with it?

am I tooting my own horn here? A LITTLE!

but blerg, why do we give a grand poo about Lance? my heart is with poor Chad.

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SPACE: No Place for Antics

Posted by jen on October 29, 2013

I saw Gravity last night. sooo glad I saw it in IMAX as it’s unbelievable times a million how gorgeous and impressive the visuals are. the thing is, for me, this thing called “suspension of disbelief” is quite the hurdle. (yeah, it’s a problem, I get it.) I retweeted a while back Neil deGrasse Tyson’s rant on all that’s scientifically inaccurate about the movie and obves today I went down the rabbit hole we refer to as Google on the same topic. (this is a good article from Time, includes spoilers.)

all the things we need a proper scientist to school us on aside, it was the la-dee-da going on up there that got under my skin. Gravity could have been just as jaw-dropping, suspenseful (and, fine, overall fantastic) if these so-called “astronauts” were treating space walks as, you know, walks in space.

it's called protocol: learn about it.

it’s called protocol: learn about it.

my verdict? see it. see it in IMAX if you can or at least on the big screen. and don’t feel guilty if you roll your eyes at the highfalutin themes on “how we’re ultimately all alone” and blah, blah, blah. just get obsessed with space. because you should.

and I’m sick of being the only one.


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