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Posted by jen on December 2, 2014

leave it to a mini-brush-with-fame to get me to post something on this here blog. so here’s the deal: I love Cory Booker. ever since Street Fight was up for an oscar years ago I’ve been a huge fan and (of course) follow him on twitter.

on thanksgiving I got into a passionate conversation with Jacquie’s mom about how we both think he’s the absolute best. that discussion inspired me to rewatch said documentary about his 2002 mayoral election. then, this:

you're welcome!

you’re welcome!

first off, it was a 2005 film which is why I said nine years so don’t judge my arithmetic and second, I’m convinced it’s actually him who replied! this assumption is due to (a) him being a big time tweeter and (b) the random timestamp. I’m going to say this is equally as awesome as that time TJ Lavin tweeted Paul.

anywho, yay America. and you should really follow him. he’s legit.

talk soon, xoxo.

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A day at the beach

Posted by jen on September 11, 2014

This is the glory of working from home… Getting to run out for a couple hours and lay on the beach with my book. Yesterday was gorgeous, today not so much. Here’s the HANJIN rolling in with the HYUNDAI in the distance rolling out.


(I wrote this post on my phone and couldn’t figure out how to caption the photo “the sea was angry that day.”)

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thieves’ highway

Posted by jen on August 11, 2014

thieves highwayJules Dassin’s last completed film centers on World War II G.I. Nick Garcos (Richard Conte), who returns to San Francisco to find his trucker father crippled after a fight with crooked driver Mike Figlia (Lee J. Cobb). Garcos’s plans to marry his longtime girlfriend, Polly (Barbara Lawrence), fizzle as he becomes embroiled in his father’s feud with Figlia’s men and turns from good guy to bad. Valentina Cortesa and Morris Carnovsky also star. –Netflix

basically this guy returns from the war with presents galore for his family and fiancée and finds out his dad lost his legs in some freak robbery gone drunk driving accident. then he decides to get into the apple buying and selling business with some random dude. (golden delicious apples are super yummy and popular.) at the produce market this hot dame tries to rob him but they end up falling in love and he ditches his fiancée.

I saw street signs at the produce market saying it was Washington and Clay.


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this happened

Posted by jen on July 21, 2014

also, this isn’t the same deaf uber driver I had a few months ago so there are at least two out there. I’m all for equal employment opportunity but this doesn’t seem okay. am I crazy here?


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I got me some motherf*cking bitcoin

Posted by jen on July 21, 2014

I also have the best friends in the world. so there’s some guy/gal/team hiding bitcoin around the city and tweeting out clues to where you can find “the wallet” which is printed on an aluminum card. it has a bitcoin address and corresponding private key that can be imported to the wallet of the person who finds the card. (I had to copy and paste that sentence.)

anywho, darling Jim found one and gave it to me!! I am the proud owner of 0.03 bitcoin!! I looked it up this morning and it was valued at $20.65, just looked it up again and its currently $20.73!!

the obvious next step is to figure out how to buy something on the black market but for now I’m just going to admire it.

heart. heart. heart.

heart. heart. heart.

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if you’re lost, you can look, and you will find me…

Posted by jen on July 18, 2014

time after timeNotorious serial killer Jack the Ripper (David Warner) is back to continue his ghastly reign of terror. But this time, he’s found his way from Victorian times to the late 1970s, and he’s intent on taking care of unfinished business. Using a time machine to pursue Jack into the future, H.G. Wells (Malcolm McDowell) meets Amy (Mary Steenburgen), a bank clerk who teaches Wells about life in the ’70s while helping him hunt for Jack. –Netflix

this movie starts off in merry old England where the coppers are closing in fast on Jack the Ripper. good thing he finds H.G. Wells’ time machine and just narrowly escapes the clutches of justice by traveling to 70s era San Francisco. unable to quit his Jack the Ripper ways he starts slicing up some modern day prostitutes with some modern day coppers on the case.

you heard me.


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